In case you didn’t happen to get the word, or didn’t happen to take a look recently at the website, the July 13 ACT has been cancelled in a few states — largely in Louisiana along with a few sites in Mississippi and Texas, due to the inclement weather expected from Tropical Storm Barry.

The rescheduled test locations are all posted on the website. In addition to the rescheduled sites in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas — there is an additional rescheduled test in Chicago. This effects only those students scheduled to take the test at the Harry Truman College testing site, on July 13.

As of Friday afternoon, there was no word yet from ACT officials on why the Truman College testing site in Chicago was cancelled. The only statement regarding the cancellation was that ACT was working to have that test rescheduled prior to the next regular test session, on September 14, 2019.

To reach the ACT regarding updated scheduling information, their contact number is 319-337-1270.

Best of luck to all those effected by the rescheduled tests!

Charlie Matthews