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Wise-Prep was founded by Charlie Matthews, a career educator with over 30 years of teaching experience and more than 16 years of experience in ACT™ and SAT™ instruction – both privately, as well as for three well known and respected test-preparation agencies. He has taught in urban and suburban school systems in the Chicago area as well as in Texas, Colorado, Florida and Virginia. His cross-country experiences in teaching and test-preparation came as a result of his commitment to helping his daughter chase her own dreams as an Olympic contending ice dancer (See Morgan Matthews, Wikipedia).

With a first-hand background in dream-chasing, Charlie is committed to helping high school students realize their dreams of attending the college or university of their choice. Receiving his B.A. from the University of Michigan and his Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Charlie has personally experienced how college test preparation combined with college achievement opens doors. He views test-preparation as a means for developing real, useful skills that will carry students “to and through” college.Charlie has painstakingly selected, background checked, and personally trained the most qualified tutors. They share a passion for teaching and helping students develop to the best of their potential, with a shared vision that all students can meet or surpass their goal scores on the ACT™ and/or SAT™ – opening their doors of choice to higher education.


What are our clients saying about our tutors?

“Dear Miles, I can’t say enough how grateful we are for your work with Juliette. It has significantly boosted both her skills and her confidence, and the results are very encouraging–fingers crossed. We appreciate your patience with those tardy assignments. It’s been an excellent experience all around. Many thanks, again.”

Sarah and Sean

“I am so happy. I didn’t think I did that I did that high on the Science. I honestly walked out of there thinking I got a 15 (and actually scored a 22).”

Kevin, student of Adnan’s. Kevin secured a passing score on the ACT™ needed to secure teacher certification in Illinois

“Charlie helped me understand each section of the ACT™, and how to take it apart and work on it, so that I figured out what I needed to do. He taught me strategies, and new ways of looking at problems, but most of all he gave me the confidence to know I could walk into this long and exhausting test and break it all down into manageable parts. I stopped being scared of it. He even told me to eat a big breakfast, and take snacks, and it made a huge difference! My score improved by 8 points!”

Sophie, student at the University of Illinois

“Junior year of high school, I was incredibly focused on my schoolwork and had not put much thought into the preparation I would have do for the ACT™. When I realized that standardized tests are an important component of the college admissions process, I sought out someone who could help me with test taking strategy and skills. Charlie was recommended to me by many of the families in the neighborhood, and out of the tutors I interviewed he seemed to be the most competent when it came to targeting students individual learning needs. I began working with Charlie, and I was very happy with his ability to hone in on the areas I needed to improve on. In fact, my score on the science portion on the ACT™ jumped from a 24 to a 33 after Charlie pointed out the components of the Science section questions that I needed to focus on. I continued to meet with Charlie once every week until the April ACT™. I scored a 33 and am currently an Odyssey scholar at the University of Chicago. I highly recommend Charlie, as he takes the time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses as a student and targets them effectively.”

Sarah, student at the University of Chicago