ACT™ Game Plan

A Comprehensive Game Plan to Ace the ACT™

Step One: English

Along with each official, released ACT™ English test included in the package there is a Wise-Prep spreadsheet and Wise-Prep Student Handbook which includes question-by-question support on the English section. So, the answer to your specific question is right there, along with numerous other examples if you need them. Here’s what it looks like:

After you finish a given test, there is an answer key included and a graded scale so you can see how you did, and what are areas of opportunity to focus on for the next test!

Step Two: Math

Just like the English, included are official, released ACT™ Math tests with question-by-question support, through the Wise-Prep spreadsheet and Wise-Prep Student Handbook. In addition to specific answer explanations to exactly your question, there are numerous examples along with website links, including You Tube™ and Khan Academy™, for further practice on a given concept or skill - if you need them. In other words, we take you straight to your question. No detours. Here’s what it looks like:

And also, just like the English, there is an answer key and scoring scale so you can see how you did, and find out the Math concept and skill opportunities to work on.

Step Three: Reading

The Reading section on the ACT™ is a time crunch!! Let’s face it, it’s hard to read four passages and answer 40 questions in 35 minutes! It’s a bit like speed reading comprehension. So, you need ways to streamline it - so you can finish it! The Wise-Prep strategies for the Reading section of the ACT™ have been developed, and re-tweaked, over the past 12 years and work really well. Our proven strategies make it possible to not only finish the test, but answer the questions with great accuracy!

Each test also includes an answer key and scoring scale so you can determine the types of Reading questions to focus on, to boost your score ever upward.

Step Four: Science

The Science section is also, yes, a time crunch!! It has the same amount of questions and the same amount of time as the Reading (40 questions in 35 minutes), but it’s spread over six passages so it’s a lot to process! And, the Science test comes at the end of the ACT™ when most students’ attention is understandably starting to wane. Actually, the Science test is really more of a data interpretation test than a Science test, so call it speed data interpretation. Our proven strategies for the Science section show you what to read, what to skim, what to skip and how to zero in on the data needed to answer questions correctly so you can finish, and nail those science data questions!

There are also some recurring Science concepts on the Science section that are good to have readily available when they come up. Knowing these key concepts, along with how to approach the test, and getting some good practice at a interpreting a wide variety of charts, tables, and graphs are the keys to scoring high on the Science.

As with all of the other sections, an answer key and scoring scale are included so that you can determine what are the key types of questions to focus on in Science to boost your score. And, once you finish the Science you can put all of your scores together to see how your composite is looking, and what are the areas to key in on to boost your composite higher. With the first practice test under your belt, you can take a look at what colleges are looking for through the ACT™ score chart found at the beginning of the Student Handbook.

Step Five: The Essay

If you’ve written any persuasive or argumentative essays in school, you are well on your way toward writing a great essay on the ACT™. If you haven’t, it’s not a problem. There are just a few things to know in terms of how to structure it. When you know how the ACT™ is looking for the essay to be structured, it’s a lot easier to write it. Essentially, it is not a contextual essay, meaning you’re not going to back up your points using a given passage, and it’s not based on your position - but one of three given positions that you choose. So, you have to come up with your own points to back up that position you've taken, and you’ve got 40 minutes to write. So, ample time. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard five paragraph essay and we’ll make sure you’re ready to knock it out of the park.

And finally….REMEMBER! We’ve got your back! There are 5 hours of one-on-one, online tutoring with Zoom™ teleconferencing built into the package that you can use any time you want. We anticipate, and love, questions. No one should expect to be able to prepare for and do well on the ACT™ without any help. We get that!